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lower_case_me — LiveJournal
Fic is often better than what actually happens on the show. Denial_fic.
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Title: Boys of Summer

Rating: 15ish. Angsty.

Characters: Ianto, passing mention of others.

Spoilers: Meat.

Summary: Inspired by Owen's 'Anything could happen up there' comment in Meat. The title is taken from Dylan Thomas' 'I see the boys of summer'. I'm not sure if this works, partly because my feelings for the valleys are complicated.

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Light-hearted Christmas fic, sort of. Jack finds out that having the team get on isn't necessarily a good thing. Gen rated.

For spiderine, szm, athousanderrors, miss zedem, maverick0324, and all the other people who have written amazing TW fic this year, or been kind enough to comment on things I've written.

I don't much go in for Christmas, but whatever you're doing, have a good one.

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It's probably helpful to read this first.

I turned on the TV tonight, and saw something that reminded me of Ianto. So, fic.

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Title: In the Dark
Rating: Gen
Characters: Ten, Jack, ?
Summary: AU. Jack's last day with the Doctor, after an indefinite period swanning about the universe. This fic was started before the Jack eps in last season's Dr Who, and therefore there is no Saxon. Martha also doesn't appear, which is odd considering my current Martha kick.

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Title: Ambiguity
Rating: Sexual themes. Nothing graphic. Meh.

A Ianto/Owen snippet. Well, they are both in it, and both naked. Beyond that, not so much. I'm sure I had a point when I started, anyway.

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Meme stolen from athousanderrors, who stole it from gemstar69. Fragments of unfinished fic. Comments are love.

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Title: Himalaya
Spoilers: The Sound of Drums
Rating: None
Pairing: Reference to Ianto/Lisa, very oblique reference to Ianto/Jack
Summary: Ianto, in the mountains.

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*facepalm* I seem to have written Ianto/Owen. To my shame. I'm sorry, Janto shippers. Much like certain others *coughep13cough*, I have allowed anger at Jack and his lack of correct attention to Welsh coffee gods to compromise my faith in him and the love that is Janto.

I forget who it was who first described Owen's hair as 'ridiculous'. Whoever they are, I owe them a debt of thanks for a perfect phrase.

Title: What would it take?
Rating: FRT. PG13ish. Language.
Pairing: Ianto/Owen.

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Title: The Slapdown, when it finally comes
Rating: Teenage
Pairing: None, really
Characters: Gwen, Ianto, Tosh, some Owen
Summary: In Jack's absence, Ianto and Tosh get a little revenge on Owen

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